Believe Truth

By: Cherish Knudson

Believe Truth
by: Cherish Knudson

Romans 8:6
“For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.”


Whenever we struggle in our mind or heart with a situation, a person, etc. it reveals that we’re not believing truth in some way. Maybe we are feeling anxious, frustrated, impatient, or fearful. Whether we experience these in a minor or major way, we are not seeing correctly according to God’s truth. These toxic emotions, coming from what we’re believing, create unnecessary stress in our lives. Stress isn’t normal for a believer. Through Christ, we have the ability to live free from everything that is normal to the world. Jesus defeated everything against us so that we can live free, even free from stress. However, there are Christians overwhelmed by life and often controlled by their situations instead of truth. They are letting life speak louder than truth.

When we know (believe) the truth, we are free (John 8:32) and our soul comes into peace. What we believe is so powerful. A simple adjustment in our thinking can change everything in how we “see” and therefore end any struggle in our mind or hearts. We suffer when our thoughts don’t match God’s. His truth brings light and clarity so we can finally see as brilliantly as He sees. Imagine seeing ALL the evil and pain in everyone’s lives in the world continually as God does and yet He is always joyful, peaceful, and confident.

He has given us His mind, the mind of Christ, and our part is to believe. Believe His truth no matter what comes. Believe His truth regardless of what we feel.