By: Ian Peters

Time for Harvest Luke 10:2
By: Ian Peters

Since Noah and his family came out of the ark, the process of seedtime and harvest is guaranteed in the word. Unfortunately we have tended to apply this primarily to the area of finances but this irrevocable principle applies to every part of our existence.  We sow, water and tend, God adds the increase and wereap!

Harvest, in God’s mind, is a verb – a doing or action word.  In the Bible mostly is means ‘the act of reaping’.  We have used it as a noun – a thing to be had at our own whim.  Jesus states here that its laborers that are the issue – not the harvest.

One of the marks of a Spirit filled and Spirit led church should be a harvest.  The first outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the New Testament Church came on the day of Pentecost – the celebration of the beginning of the harvest on the Jewish calendar.

The Harvest is:

  1. A place of provision. This means there will be enough to fill the barn, seed to sow for the next crop and share some of the harvest with others.
  2. A place of hard work and great emotion. The sower didn’t just skip through the field tossing seed out to the wind. The harvest didn’t simply stroll through the fields and fill his basket.  It was hard, hot, back breaking work.
  3. A place of fulfilment. You don’t reap a great harvest by just sowing one or two seeds!  If you require God to be faithful to you, be faithful to him – especially when it is difficult to do so.

There is no historical precedent for the harvests that God wants His church to go out and bring in.  This one is HISTORY MAKING. ‘‘The days are coming,” declares the LORD, ‘‘when the reaper will be overtaken by the ploughman and the planter by the one treading grapes.

This is a Supernatural season but will require a response from us.